Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have officially joined the ranks of the unemployed once again, as of yesterday afternoon. I finished the project I was hired for. :) I'm actually pretty happy to have a little free time before school starts and I am utterly convinced that I do not want an office job for the rest of my life.
Jonas and his brother Jordan were over for dinner last night and after dinner we shared favorite youtube videos. Jordan and my brothers showed us these. You'll be amazed too.

Thanks to Parker, I heard that Train has a new single out. It's called "Hey, Soul Sister" and I totally love it! You can listen to it here. I think they're the only band that I listened to in Jr. High that I still love. I love their album "My Private Nation" but I've not always been a fan of some of their other stuff. If the new album (drops 10-27-09) sounds anything like the new single, I can't wait to have it. They have an ever evolving sound (which I guess accounts for the inbetween years which weren't my fave) which is hard to come by these days and truly poetic lyrics. Enjoy!
Oh, also...I went to the doctor and he said it might take a whole month for my hearing to come back normally, but it miraculously improved greatly yesterday. Woopie! I can almost sing again. <3 FB readers - see full post.

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