Monday, August 3, 2009


Did you notice that I left a whisker off my heading in the last post? It was an accident, but one time my ex-cat (we moved away :( ) got too close to the stove and singed her whiskers. Poor not-very-bright kitty. I didn't notice the heading typo until it was too much hassel to fix.
So look what I came across at work today... upon seeing this I was like "OHMYLAND! Totally yes!" Not really, but it's funny (notice the little rats with glowing stomachs).

It's incredible how many people have blogs these days. And how can some be so awesome and some so lame?
LSTN 6 from Urban Outfitters is out now, if you feel like some free tunes (go to and you'll find directions for downloading and what not). // OK, check this (this makes me love my generation though my day dreams about this certain event in my life are considerably private-r. I love how so many kids these days are creative. Or maybe it's just that with the internet the creative people in the world get face time? Anyway...)

You know what else happened that doesn't exactly make the present times seem all that sunny? An old man had his head chopped off with an ax here in quiet Santa Maria. Not even joking. It happened like 3 days ago or something. Freaky. // Also, I would just like to say that as a new iTunes user, I find their download speed pathetically slow. So there, tech world. Retro methods are still better in my eyes. // Did you notice that my posts are considerably wordier of late? What does it mean? I certainly have no lack of pictures. Speaking of which, check out these bombs (in a totally good way) by Valentino. Yes, please drool in the other direction.

Also, China is awesome. Because they do unnatural and creepy things and don't no one even considers it's creepiness. I saw a real poodle for the first time in a long time a few days ago and I never noticed before how graceful they are! They have teeny little paws and big bodies so they walk like models. If I were a dog, maybe I'd be a poodle and subscribe of VogueCanine (I just made that up. Don't worry, it doesn't really exist... that I know of).

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