Saturday, August 1, 2009


Ooo, my mouth hurts so bad. I have so many sores and cuts from stress/braces. Not my fave. :( // I made dinner today. I made chicken salad with jalapeno and lime and almonds and good things like that while listening to Indian music. It was delicious and my family loved it. You can try the recipe too, if you like. :D // Our house is in the process of being painted yellow. // Tomorrow I am going to wear my new summer yellow dress out for the first time. ^___^ // Check out this stash of classy photos. I got them all off the same flickr account called myvintagevogue. I sometimes wish everyone dressed up like this still. This top one, a 1960's ad for Nina Ricci might be my all time favorite. So elegant and simple.

Miss Vivien Leigh.

Beatrice Wagstaff in '53. Look how young she is!

Simone D'alliencourt, '59. I think I'd like to name a daughter Simone.

Miss Yvonne DeCarlo, how do you get your skin to glow so?

This photo was in a 1960 Life magazine. I love the China element.

Thanks heavens for Vogue, keeping alive a love of fine clothes and class.
This is totally non sequitor, but if you ever have a chance to eat a pomelo, you should take it. It's like a giant grape fruit, but not as juicy and not as bitter. I miss eating (I always try to spell that with 2 ts and "forest" with 2 rs. It's like I'm that goose from Charlotte's Web) them for breakfast in China.

Gina & Sky get married a week from today. I'm so excited to go to their wedding. :D Pictures on FB to be sure, if not here as well. // Ok, I'ma gonna go work on my latest painting for a bit. Hope you are all having a restful weekend. // Actually, first... here is a totally awesome picture. I think it might be of the pianist for Sleeping At Last, but I'm not sure. I was just going to say that I'd been enjoying their music a lot and was looking for a picture to illustrate said thought, when I found this picture which is too amazing not to post, regardless of who it is.

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