Thursday, July 30, 2009


I can't wait for school to start and my summer job to be over. I decided I would rather do something I love for a paltry sum than something I hate for a fortune. Though I've always known that. A sun chip fell down my shirt and landed in my belly button today. Isn't that gross and weird and TMI? I think so too.
Music is the only thing keeping me from going out of my mind at work. I've known/been listening to Elliott Smith for ages, but kind of rediscovered him. His words combined with regular life stuff right now has me submerged in a painting... if it turns out half way decent, I'm sure it will end up on Facebook. I'm continuously bummed that he killed himself. Look at him smiling...

I also discovered (for the first time) Australian sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone. I can't find a nice sized picture that I really like, but I truly love their music. "Mango Tree" is my all time favorite, but "Paper Aeroplanes", "Bella" - it's all enchanting.

Now if this doesn't make you smile, I'm worried for you. The song is by Jose Gonzalez (I think he might hold the record for the saddest song I know).

Also, some favorites from the runway this summer. Chris Benz, Christian Dior
& Alexander McQueen.

I wish for a giant rainstorm....

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