Saturday, July 25, 2009


Interesting cultural question... does being white set you back in a way these days? I mean, with everyone's political(but heartfelt?) ambitions to be ethnically fair, those of us who are just plain white have to rely on something other than our background for a possible leg up in getting into schools or winning scholarships, for instance. Last semester in English I remember hearing that non-Caucasian people often/consistently get jobs instead of their equally qualified white peers because employers want to appear racially accepting (of course, there's nothing wrong with this if the two candidates were equally qualified - unless white people are really discriminated against for not being of some other race). You may also notice that it's almost impossible to stand up for civil rights as a white person if any other race is involved because you're immediately branded as a racist. Doesn't this kind of render the entire system a failure? If all our work towards racial equality turns America against the shrinking majority of white Americans, have we accomplished much?
Please don't brand me a racist for having said these things (case in point...). I grew up in China and I greatly respect and love other cultures and have many friends from other countries and backgrounds. I wouldn't be surprised if this sounded totally elitist to anyone living outside California, and if this state really blinds me that much, I apologize. I guess I don't like the thought or feeling of being discriminated against any more than anyone else does.
On a less serious note, roller blades are awesome. (Are you proud of me for branching out of the flowery headband department and posting Aston Martins? The video gets good at 3 minutes).

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