Saturday, July 18, 2009


My family gets home today and Jonas tomorrow. I can't wait!
I've been meaning to write about the Urumqi riots. It's not in headlines as much this week, but there is still no internet available in the city, so we haven't been able to contact people there. It's really hard to express how unreal it seems that the city I grew up in ('94-'01?, '07) was on fire and more than 150 people killed in the streets. I just can't get my mind around it. I know it's last week's news, but since I'm sure the unrest is still very real over there, I wanted to bring it to attention. The below photos (Boston Globe) give you a very mild taste of what's going on, and it will shock you even to see these if you have ever been to Urumqi. Basically, if you don't already know what's going on, the Turkish minority group living in Urumqi started attacking Han chinese people after two factory workers were allegedly killed in a factory brawl in Southern China. When the government did little or nothing to protect the Han, the Han formed their own gangs in retaliation. I know a lot of armed forces have entered the city, but rioting and killings were at full tilt for at least two days. Since the news has stopped covering it much, I imagine the fighting is mostly under control, but as I mentioned above, still no contact with people living there.

I can't dwell on that too long without getting depressed, so have a look at this. As you've probably noticed, hair pieces are very popular right now. How about this one? (It kinda disturbs me). I believe the designer (or is it the line?) is called Reid Peppard, in case you want to send him/her/them hate mail or the number of your psychiatrist.

To get the taste of that out of your brain, look at these lovely (really) bracelets from Yes Vincent. I wonder what PETA thinks of the current feather craze.

And lastly, but far from least, my current favorite band (newly discovered by me, but whom you may very possibly already be familiar with), Tiny Vipers. This is without question one of my favorite album covers of all time.

She has a new(ish?... 2009 sometime) album that I haven't heard much of, but so far, my favorite song is "Dreamer." She's down in LA ($5 tickets!!!) in a few days and I am most bummed out that I can't go see her, but you should if you're any nearer/free-er than I am. She's bewitching. Have a listen...

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