Monday, July 20, 2009


I have to keep myself busy while I wait to see Jonas tomorrow because my whole self is leaaaaaaning towards that moment and I'll go crazy if I don't stay busy till then. You should see how excited I am right now. Really.
As if you didn't already know... Owl City has a rockin' (or bubblin'?) new album and a free iTunes single. Definitely take advantage of the deal! And also...

I've watched several episodes of the IT Crowd last week with my dad (watch it instantly on Netflix! Hopefully this will take you right there) and I must say... the best show I've seen in a long time. Consistently very funny. I guess Brit TV is the new thing, huh? (I wish this picture was bigger, but my computer keeps telling me I'm contracting a virus if I try to download the other one... *eye rollage.)

Well, Zach Sunderland, as of last week sometime, is officially the youngest person on record to sail around the world alone. Way to go Zach! I've never met him, but I heard his voice on a group phone call one time, and I know people who grew up with him. I know that's like lower than even paparazzi status, but I still think it's cool.
You know what else is cool/heartbreaking? The night I was in SB with Chris and Brad happened to be the very same night that Bon Iver was playing on State St. - oh, it was torture to walk by knowing I could have been on the other side of those doors! Another time, another time. I did get a picture, though.

Check out these nifty sticky notes by D-Bros (via TrendLand)! At work, I am known for being excessive with sticky notes, which I am, but I mean... journalist in the making here! And also, it sometimes helps me make something that I don't find fun into a sort of game, which is fabulous.

Hope you had a less than depressing Monday! ^__^

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