Monday, June 1, 2009

"Wish I were young and wish you were made just for me."
Except chop out the wishing part? This video/song isn't actually my favorite, but I love all the places it captures and the feel (though slightly over-tourist-ized here) - makes me want to go back (not that I didn't already)!

Surprise good-bye party for Chris yesterday was fun. ^^ Lots of people were able to come and we had some fun foods! He was surprised too (yeh!). Thanks for coming guys!

A friend I grew up with got married on Saturday. It's odd that people I remember as playmates or in Kara's case, more of an older-sister-Jr. High-youth-leader, are getting married. Congratulations, Zach and Kara.

Look at this beautiful colt! It belongs to a friend of my aunt Jennifer's and its name is Sir Donnerhall.

I don't really keep up with these shows, but this performance by the recent winners of Britain's Got Talent is amazing. Enjoy.

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  1. holy crow that performance was amazing!

    as to the picture question... When I upload photos from my computer, they show up just about as big as yours are. The ones on recent posts are loaded right from other sites, so I guess they're showing up bigger. Too big, actually. =P


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