Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You wanna see something incredible? Sick and awesome and American all at once... Starbucks locations in the LA area. (I would like to add that while America may have an exspensive coffee addiction, I think we have so much to be grateful for! I don't know what's going to happen with our government - I know a lot of people are worried, and I know these are tough times. But seriuosly, we are SO much better off than so many others and complaining does no one any good, so ... go sink a few dollars into a cup @ Starbucks and let's be thankful that our economy allows the majority of us to still have food and a roof over our heads, despite other troubles!) :)

Today was the end of school. I really hope this is not a depressing summer. I hate when everybody leaves and that sort of thing... // Did you hear about Sonia Sotomayor being nominated for the Supreme Court? Exciting! You go girl! I know nothing of her politics or ethics so I should be careful what I say, but it makes me happy to see a Hispanic woman in such a high position! I am proud and hopeful knowing/hoping that my *hypothetical* children will grow up in America (maybe) that is making progress in equality. // In other world news, Nancy Pelosi's visit to China made waves in the minds of my family and hopefully in reality! Lots of Chinese citizens turned out to protest because she apparently has a reputation for speaking out against human right injustices comitted by the Chinese government. But if I understood correctly, these people were asking for her help. Heartbreaking and at the same time exhilerating that people had the courage to rally and furthermore that it made it into the news! // Went swimming with my brother today. :) And my newly *very* short hair cut feels so nice and light. // My siblings are awesome. They stage things like plastic dinosaur invasions:

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