Monday, May 4, 2009

In art class today, Mr. Hood said that artists grow in their creativity by "collecting" art/ideas that they see in other places and trying to improve on those ideas with their own style.  It made me feel like I have a good excuse for having an excessive backlog of things to share here on xanga. :D Take a look at my accumulating stash of e-clothes:

From Sarah Seven on Etsy

From Mod Cloth - From sweet summer dresses and sophisticated slimming numbers to airplane bags and a bunny "high on life"... an incredibly large percentage of this stores' wares would be happy in my closet.

By Barbara Munse - I am a big fan of the uber-natural feel of these clothes. Bring on the earth-toned, flower stamped tulles and the embroidered cotton rags. I love the necklace as well.  The news paper wad/rag rug "chain" gives such a hippie like contrast to that intense red color and beautifully detailed flower carving.


And one for the guys... this is by Ellen Allien. Definitely stylin'.

I just heard that the Boston Globe may very well be going out of business by next week. If that means we will loose Big Picture, say it isn't so!! Even simply as an aspiring writer, the loss of such a promient and prostigious written heiratage is saddening indeed.  Here is a photo from Big Picture of apartments in Hong Kong. When I stayed there last, the apartment my family was in was not in such a tall building, but we were near some big ones and you would not believe how loud the thunder is when it bounces off all those buildings during a storm.

I realized this weekend that unless you have an exceptionally wide screen like the one that I typically work on, some of these photos may be chopped in half for you. My apologies if that is the case!

I registered for summer classes today. :) Business 101 and the next level in English with Mrs. Farley.
It was SO nice seeing Jonas today.  TO was lots of fun and I took sooo many pictures (perhaps a sample posted here soon?), but it was a great feeling to come... home.

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