Thursday, April 30, 2009

I think I'm gonna wait on the wedding post again (*patting myself on the back much?*).  // My school just sent me a notice on Swine Flu and everything they think I should know about it.  Should I be more worried about this than I am? //  I had a dream last night in which I spoke some Chinese! Happy to know it's a big enough part of me still to work into my dreams. // I was looking at Softlips, my favorite chapstick, at Target and they have a new organic flavor, pomegranate.  But get this, one tube of the organic flavors is 20 cents more than 2 tubes of the regular stuff! The economically wise choice is obvious... but I really want the pomegranate. //  At school yesterday, wearing the polka dot skirt I mentioned earlier, a toddler out with the child-care group pointed and said "MINNIE!". It was an occasion for many smiles. // You know how bike tires made for street riding are like practically only 1 cm wide? I saw a cyclist with those today and was wondering at man's ability to balance on two tiny wheels. It's really an incredibly odd discovery, if you think about it. // Here are my 3 latest paintings! :D I am sorry the photo quality is lacking. Explanations are on facebook (the 3rd is the promised self portrait - conceptual, obviously).


Next semester at AHC, I plan to take a mixed media class and Mr. Hood just sent me this email about the work of Brian Dettmer which we may try and emulate. Check out these amazing creations of his made from books/maps!

Another artist, Will Cotton, makes gingerbread houses on steroids.  How incredibly fun are these?!

While on candyland type things, I have to share my most recent favorite sweet.  Generally, I am anything but a chocolate girl, but these French truffles from Trader Joe's are to DIE FOR! The second photo is, admittedly, from a wedding blog (True Event).  I have no idea how to make it, or what is inside, but it looks positively scrumptious, does it not?

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