Friday, April 10, 2009

My sweetheart's handwriting is way nicer than mine. I think it's pretty fantastic. // My brothers built a fire to burn left over construction wood in our back yard and the neighbors called the fire department. I called it (in my head) too. It was golden. // I woke up this morning and for the first time in a very very long time had at least part of me say "eh, hey now, maybe we could give Jesus another shot." I didn't even realize until just a second ago that there may be something in that thought coming to me on Good Friday. I didn't remember what day it was right when I woke up. Then someone's FB status said "take a minute to remember that Jesus died for you several thousand years ago just about right now, at 3pm" and I didn't have an emotional break through or anything, but it did soften my heart a wee little bit and I can honestly say I'm thankful for His sacrifice. // I'm going to crazy over summer break if I don't find something laborious to put my mind to. For really. My heart is heavy that that task will not be moving to Savannah. But I'm still gonna get there, someday, somehow! // I'm about to watch Slumdog Millionaire with my family for the second time. I watched it for the first time with my dad 2 nights ago. It stole my breath, my tears (at least that made my eyes sore), and my heart. I bought some of the music too, which I love and have had stuck in my head all day. Reminds me of China days and I started Uyger dancing in my room to one of the songs! I couldn't believe it!! Please watch it if you haven't before.

I forgot that around Christmas time I filled out a card for a free subscription to Nylon Magazine at Urban Outfitters. I was thinking "yeah RIGHT they're gonna give me a free subscription" because it said while supplies last and I practically picked the form off the ground on Dec. 23rd or something foolish. But whaddya know, I got an issue 2 days ago in the mail. Can't say I'm blown away exactly, but I did see this watch that is pretty cool. Oh, what a rip off. Nylon said it was $15 and UO is selling it for $28. Just like you'd expect. When I described this watch to Jonas, he said it sounded "pimpin'!" but... I still think it's awesome. You gotta love NormalWatches' (the company that makes these) website "slogan" too: "Normal Watches has won many awards. And by many, we mean none." Haa.

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