Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite for the day from Urban Dictionary:
"Ghetto Upgrade" - When you are flying economy on a near empty flight and can lay across an entire row of seats.

We've had some really HOT weather the last few days, and I love it! It smells like things warmed by the sun everywhere. Almost every day Julia will come in with a handful of fresh sweet peas from her garden and give everyone one to chew on.  Blueberries are ripening as well, and corn just went into the ground. ^^

My friends are getting married. It's shocking and exciting. Congratulations to Alana and John on their engagement!

I've been dabbling in senior photos, and I think may finally have a winner! :) Yah for the class of anywhere between 2008 and 2009.


A new issue of Frankie just came out! I feel the urge to drive down to Santa Barbara to buy it ($11 though? Yikes!). One of my favorite covers in a while. This magazine is a gem - not too into "popular" stuff. It genuinely reports on cool NEW things (or maybe it's just that I'm not Australian?). The picture of the sweater is unrelated - I just can't find a bigger shot of the Frankie cover and it looks all unbalanced after those two giant pictures above, hehe. I do love that sweater shot though, and I think Frankie would approve. ^^

Jonas and I spent all day together yesterday painting and riding bikes and making blackberry milk shakes and other such wonderful things. I'm a goner. ^^ I'm so happy to have him as my best friend and happy I ended up in SM, even when it's been hard in other ways, because I got to have him be a part of my life.

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