Thursday, April 23, 2009

I rearranged my bedroom so that my bed is facing my one blue wall and I'm loving it. Small change, but I really just like that blue wall.  I also finally put my curtains up in a civilized manner and the sheer (I would say sheers, but there's only one) is this electric royal blue. It makes this really nice sort of cool (as opposed to warm) blue light go everywhere. Annnnway... look at these pretty summer dresses from Topshop and La Garconne:


I discovered an amazing photographer, Johnny Miller. I especially love his subject studies (under personal) and wedding cakes (under books). Seeing "inspiration spreads" (a pile of items that have a theme that give you a general feel for what you're about to create) always inspires me. I love them and put pictures of other
people's on my wall. Here are some of my favorite photos by Miller (the second shot is entitled "love letters" - love how knowing what it is brings a whole extra wealth of meaning and adoration to my senses).

Favorite new artist/song discovery: Arthur Russell. I've always had a big soft spot for cello. Listen to his song "A Little Lost" here. "'Cause I'm so busy, so busy / Thinking about kissing you / Now I want to do that / Without entertaining another thought."

Ok, ok, I'll let you get on with your life, just as soon as you've watched this charming video (that perhaps gives one hope in "the rest of society" once again?). Improv Everywhere style, in Europe. ^^ Last week sometime, I got an email through SCAD's facebook student network inviting peeps to be a part of an Improv Everywhere team they're putting together in Savannah. I was so excited because I would love to be a part, even though I'm not in Savannah yet. Wrote the kid who sent the email and he was really sweet, saying they would definitely still be around when I got there! Yesterday, I decided to start looking for different schools. More on that later. Kinda traumatic, kinda exciting. I hope I can find an I.E. group in .... CHICAGO! Really, I promise to elaborate later. Oh, another promise that I still intend to keep - photos of my latest painting. :) I've started a new one since my self portrait and hopefully photos of them all will be trickling in during the next few weeks. Ok, really for the video now.

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