Friday, November 21, 2008

Today I discovered an archive of SCAD student writing. I love it. I am already proud of what I will create as a student there, and somehow proud of the writing students who have gone before me have already created - as if it's mine in a way.

My mum bought me some red curtain fabric today and informed me that I have to have made curtains out of them by Christmas. The last time I used a sewing machine, I was about 9 years old. Oh joy. In the mean time, my dad has put up some linen curtains that are cream colored and I love the way they make my room look soft. Last night, I could see a bit of the orange street lamp glow through them and it gave the whole place a dreamy feeling that isn't really communicated by my regular decor.

Some more SCAD work (soft ball), as well as work from another college (PNCA in Oregon, perhaps?) and a photo I found online. I think it's magical how these artists took an ordinary object and created an extraordinary concept. 

I watched this movie, Shine, a few weeks ago, and though the movie wasn't my favorite, this scene is magnificent. Extraordinary piano piece as well, I think you might agree (this one is also fun). I love how they portray his oncoming insanity with sound, even though it is quite sad.

My goodness, I figure I had better get going on my muse/treatise list or I'll never get anywhere at all! I think I'll letter the treatises, as I'm numbering the muses. If  I get past 26, then perhaps I will have to resort to Chinese character strokes.

A. Translation of Poetry

Now, I don't know if these can really be treatises since they are more of well, musings, but we can just categorize them as art related thoughts I've mulled over. I have often wondered if poetry aught to be translated. In poetry, line relation and exact word meaning are practically the essence of the creation. How can that be put into another language? Wouldn't the rythm, rhyme, and meaning be skewed beyond repair? I have heard of poetry translation - especially among the greats (I mean stuff like Homer), but the method or logic, or whatever you want to call it, eludes me.

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