Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It is raining. ^^ Annelise and Jonathan are jumping on the trampoline, Annelise in a parka. Haha. :D
I was sitting by the fireplace with my mom a few evenings ago, and she looked so much like this photo of Carole King. My dad's famous counterpart, with his new glasses, might have to be Cary Grant (the scene here is from Bringing Up Baby, alongside Katherine Hepburn which I tried so hard to like, but didn't really).

I had an ortho appointment this morning - came home with some truly gnarly X-rays of my teeth.
I was in the waiting room for a very long time, reading, and while I was there a lady came in to sell strawberries to the receptionists. It seemed like it was a semi-regular event. They started talking about romance and how they all were very romantic in their heads, but were dissatisfied with how it plays out in real life. One lady said she had found a guy who thought the same way, and so it was working out. Hehe. The conversation made me smile. I agree that somehow romance isn't quite so dreamy in real life, at times, or maybe dreamy isn't the right word - true romance isn't flawless. I'm not sure what the correct "but..." clause is to put here, but perhaps we have an unspoken agreement.

Sunday evening, I saw White Christmas as a theatre production with my family. It was fabulous. I liked it even better than Wicked at the Pantageous. They switched up some of the songs, but it didn't lose much charm. They added this song about pianos instead of the song about choreography in the movie, and in the theatre version (piano) they had an absolutely stunning "mass-tap" performance. That is, roughly 20 people were tap dancing. I listened hard and didn't hear a single mis-step during the whole song! Granted, it wasn't quite like Vera-Ellen, but it was the first time I've ever seen live tap, and it's not a scene I'll soon forget.

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