Thursday, December 11, 2008

My gosh, have I been lax in posting! But I don't suppose life gets less busy as one goes on. ^^

FINALS are almost over! I have critiques for both my art classes, but I've already finished all the work. My speech final is take home, so I don't need to stress out about that too much either. Tis lovely to be done!

GETTY outing was spectacular. Photos on facebook. I was underwhelmed with the exhibits I saw, but the sky was a rare canvas over L.A. Take a look at sky-painting one, 6:30 am in Santa Maria.

HOLIDAY season is upon us, but I hardly believe it. I've been enjoying cider and hot chocolate before school each morning, and I love sitting by the fire squinting at the Christmas lights, but without snow it just doesn't seem too real. Excursion to Santa Barbara on Saturday to do some shopping with Danielle, Genna, Annelise, and possibly Brook, and this Sunday I think I'm having some friends from school over to decorate cookies. Tomorrow I'm thinking about swinging by a party with some kids from church too, so that could be fun. ^^ 

CITY LIVING ... would love to get back to it some day. This one is entertaining as well.

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