Friday, May 1, 2015

Met Gala 2015 - Chinese Fashion

The Met Gala is a party held every year at - you guessed it - the Metropolitan museum in NYC, for purposes that I'm not altogether clear on. Promoting the arts? An excuse to dress up? Money changing hands between rich people? I don't really know why they do it, but what I DO know is that it's one of the most fabulous nights in fashion of the year. This year, the theme is China, and I am on my tiptoes, so excited to see what people wear. 

Can you imagine how fabulous it would be to go decked out in king fisher jewelry?! 

However, when I googled it to find out when the gala is this year (coming right up, May 4) I came upon this article that is kind of scathing, but probably correct in that this could easily become a very culturally insensitive evening: "[The] smart [attendees] will likely honor the theme by wearing Chinese designers while resisting the urge to put chopsticks in their hair." I totally get this (in fact, I've written before about how culturally insensitive the fashion industry in the US can be), but I really, really want to see a lot of exquisite Chinese robes. But I agree, no chopsticks in anyone's hair. I have seen chopsticks-hair-of-the-90s on precisely zero Chinese people. At least one of the co-chairs for this year's gala is Chinese. along side all-American girl Jennifer Lawrence. Le sigh... (No hard feelings, J-Law). 

Just as an aside, May 4 is a Monday. You know what I'm doing this Monday? I have a jury summons and it's the first day of a new class I'm taking. And we wonder what is so captivating about celebrities...

So, what's a girl to do? Create a virtual wardrobe for Met Gala attendees to choose from, of course! Lest anyone think I don't know the difference between China and Japan (God forbid...), I DO realize that many of these photos have Japanese influences or would be all the things that the Jezebel article was talking about being bad, but a) can we please not be offended by EVERYTHING and b) they're just so pretty!

Without further ado, let me school you, oh Katy Perry, in what to wear to the Met Gala 2015. Feel free to toss a couple 1000 in my direction if you happen to see this. ;) 

Regal kaftans are always a yes. // Or how about an antique paired with some knock out tailored pants (not flares, because that would be too literal).

Gold is always good. Though it's too gimmicky to actually do (assuming you just got a sticker), how impressive would a full-back Asian-themed tattoo be in a backless gold dress?! // Linda Fargo at the 2012 Met Ball already nailed it

This look is clearly Japanese, but I love the whimsical touch of feathers, and that sort of detail could definitely be carried over to modernize that typical Chinese "frog button" dress. // Another way to spice up the classic Chinese cut dress would be to add a dramatic red veil.

Here's something we might actually see a celebrity wearing. // I can also imagine this red sequined gown being worn on Monday, but the choppy bob styling gives it a great edge.

This look would be on the costumey side (I never do understand why that's a bad thing in fashion), but I'm a goner for a good headdress. Paired with something monochromatic and sleek. // Then there's the a modern take, almost a sophisticated Lady Gaga.

To really get thinking outside the box, a Victorian outfit with chinoiserie details would be fabulous. // An outfit celebrating Chinese ethnic embroidery would be a true nod to Chinese art, as well.

And to complete the look, how about updated Beijing Opera (or in this case, Geisha) makeup? // I definitely want to see this Pucci clutch in someone's hand, too.

In case you want to know why I'm so enamored with this annual party, "educate yourself"!

What's your favorite look? What would you wear to the Met Gala? 

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