Monday, April 13, 2015

March 2015

Watched: Boyhood (cool concept, but didn't blow me away), Big Hero 6 (which I'm watching for the second time, as I type this - I want to live in that world!), Birdman (I understand the artsyness appeal, but it was not enjoyable to watch), Hannibal season 2 (continues to be the prettiest, most mind-bending show, season 3 is going to be amazing!!!).

Tasted: This melon agua fresca is num num! // I also enjoyed this quote of Anthony Bourdain's, "There's nothing professional writers like more than free food." True dat, even if I'm not a professional!

How amazzzzing, does this tropical fruit and ice cream tart look/sound?

  • I started back to school in order to utilize the "free money" available to me. It feels great to be making progress, but it is stressful to add to my daily schedule. 
  • I quit the Pampered Chef because it was becoming more stressful than helpful. I'm enjoying putting more work into my online shop, which I can do almost exclusively from home. 
  • I got to attend my friend Danielle's wedding shower, can't wait for her wedding!
Heard: New singles from Active Child (eeee!), Alabama Shakes, and a Sam Smith/John Legend collaboration, "Lay Me Down". Mainly, Jose Gonzalez's new album is great.

Boys: Ira was dedicated at church this month, began army crawling (sitting up? that's for babies!) and then for-real crawling!, and landed in the ER for stitches on his forehead after launching off the couch on to a wooden block. He loves to sit on people's shoulders and grab their hair - he gets the biggest grin on his face! He also tries to grab the water streams in the shower, which is pretty funny and cute. He's not nearly as interested in solid food as Ishmael was at his age, but he still does alright. He's not as interested in nursing as he used to be either.He likes to bounce to music, and tries to be louder than the blender, or whatever noises his brother is making. He enjoys clapping (sometimes while nursing), throwing things on the ground, and he really likes cheerios.

Ishmael is obsessed with the song, "the Tiki Tiki Room." The rest of us are less enchanted... He also likes "Pop the Wease" (Pop Goes the Weasel), "Under Sea-Sea" (Under the Sea), and he can sing "Twinkle Twinkle" fairly well on his own! His is learning left from right (?!!!), is crazy about trash trucks, and likes to go down the slide "on his belly button". At breakfast one morning, Ishmael asked me for some cheerios after he'd had fruit, milk, an egg, and toast. I said no, and he leaned his head back on his chair and said, "oh maaan!! why not?!" So yeah, the 'tude has already made an appearance. He also says, "I don't really want it..." when we put him to bed. He thinks many things are scary (he's quite sensitive!), and his favorite book is his encyclopedia. When you do something sweet with Ira, he informs you that, "he likes you". But more impressive than any of this... ISHMAEL IS POTTYTRAINED. We still have an accident here and there, but there have been periods of a week with no accidents, so that is pretty fantabulous.

Loved: Watching the little bird that runs across the fence in our backyard, that my car passed its smog test, and that for the first time, I was struck by how glad I am to have two kidlets. And spring colors. :) 

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