Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer 2013 Trends

Take a look at some things that I think are topping or are about to top the charts:

1. Rattan Peacock furniture. I am in love.

2. Fluorescent rhinestone baubles, often including plastic braided with metal chain.

3. Fancy braids. My favorite is the braid mohawk , of course.

4. Flamingos - trust me, these are about to explode like foxes and owls and what-not. In the same vein, but perhaps lesser, banana leaves.

5. Hexagonal (aka honeycomb) anything. I've heard it called "the new chevron." Now that you've read this, it's gonna be one of those things that pops out at you from everywhere.

Extra credit, hexagonal rattan!

Have you noticed anything lately that's trending that you like or dislike? Kale has been huge for a while now, but that goes on my "detest" list. I may or may not let you know how I really feel about it later.

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