Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Style Icon: Michelle Harper

I get really excited about pretty clothes, and I daydream about what I would wear if people were dying to take pictures of me everywhere. There are a lot of ladies who I've followed over the years, in an effort to pick up new ideas for my wardrobe, or sometimes just admire theirs. I used to clip pictures out of magazines and compile them into notebooks, but now I mostly pin things. It seems like a shame that pins should just languish in a virtual folder and rarely be appreciated again, so I want to share some of my favorite fashion icons and moments here. I'll start off with Michelle Harper. 

I haven't been tracking with her for very long, but I love her almost performance-art approach to fashion. She was quoted in this article as saying she would never be seen in sweats, so that's my first point of divergence from her, but it would be fun to dress up as much as she does for any old occasion. “With the passage of time she has pushed it a little further and further, been more experimental and at the same time extremely polished and not clownish.” Again, they lost me at "extremely polished", but I do love a lady who's willing to push the envelope. I love the clean, hard edges and bright colors mixed with a largely vintage wardrobe. 

I like how funky her hair always is and she her deep devotion to lipstick. The cropped leather gloves seem to be a favorite of hers as well. Another fun quote from that article explains part of her background at a Swiss boarding school where "a doorman took the preteen Ms. Harper on as his sidekick and roller disco drag queens were her nannies.” Awesome. As an adult, she's a business woman and socialite, in the circle with Karen Elson and Sophie Sarah Flicker, and that seems to be just about all that anyone knows about her, but she appears to be having fun with her clothes at all times, and I'm in to that.

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