Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paint Swatch: Icicle & Neon Coral

My friend Jessa, who knows a thing or two about design trends, thinks that pastels will come back into style in home decorating after the jewel tones (which I whole-heartedly love) have worn themselves out. When we have to move some day (which I utterly dread), I think this pale grey-blue may be destined for some walls in my home. I call it "icicle" because it's not robin's egg, it's not grey, it's... like ice! I first started admiring it on the hallway walls in the show 666 Park Avenue. As for neon coral, I think the neon craze will be over by moving time, but I have been loving my pinks lately, and I can't imagine a day where I don't feel the urge to punch up any sophisticated corners of our abode with some wacky color accents. I'm trying to convince Jonas to let me spray-paint our one wooden dining chair this color. I made these two color story boards on Polyvore a while back (see here and here for product info), then realized I'd pinned this bedroom twice, and suddenly it seemed that I should share them together, rather than separately as I had previously planned. Also, I want those blue earrings and those pink shoes. Would you ever pair pastels and neon?

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