Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Good Day

I had a fun time with Ishmael, [almost] all day, all by ourselves, and that is a glorious feat worth blogging about. He's been so chatty and smiley the past two or three days, always sticking out his tiny pointy tongue when he grins. He played nicely on the floor and in his playpen all morning while I cleaned up around the house. I even manhandled the broken garbage disposal, and totally fixed it! Ok, I was being coached over the phone, and I broke my only wooden spoon in the process, but still. It made me feel like this [source]:

After his nap, we took a walk to the mall. On our way, we picked up the mail, including our Federal tax return. BOOYA. Then we cruised the new and improved pet store with lots of teeny (some almost newborn!) mice and precious puppies, which he enjoyed looking at. He did start to loose his cool a little bit at the $1 book store, but I was okay with it because I found 2 hardbound volumes of Horatio Hornblower stories and a signed copy of William Steig's "Dr. De Soto Goes to Africa" (which may or may not be rare since he passed away 10 years ago). Somewhere down the road, I'll be writing a post of my favorite children's books for Ishmael, and Steig's work will definitely feature prominently.

If you aren't familiar with Horatio Hornblower (I've never read the books, myself), definitely get your hands on the film adaptation if you get a chance. My family was crazy about that series back in the day (not least, on my part, because Ioan Gruffudd is handsome AND Welsh). We finished off the evening by making Kimbap (isn't it pretty?), accompanied by the "Motown Makes Babies Smarter" playlist that my brother Jonathan made for Ishmael, and the administration of the greater part of a banana, some of which made it into his mouth.

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