Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February In Review

Forget Pinterest, I haven't even sat down at a computer more than twice in the last week. Thus, my behind-ness on monthly review posts.

Best movie: I wasn't wild about anything that I watched, but "Eames: The Architect and the Painter" (on Netflix) was interesting. It reminded me that pushing your creativity to be molded into real things is more than a full-time job, and it also struck me that we have more and more regulations imposed on us in modern America that get in the way of creativity. I don't mean that to be a political statement, but to be experimental in this country now seems to take a lot of money or some very brazen red-tape-avoidance.

Best music: What I lacked in reading this month, I made up for in music listening. If you follow my playlist "spotify" on Spotify, you can keep up with all the new things I'm discovering, but in an effort to make this post a digestible length, I will leave you with just one of my new favorites, Mikky Ekko.

Best food: My brother-in-law Sky introduced me to the good ol' gin & tonic, which I quite liked! I see them studding my future already. As far as new recipes I tried, both this french onion soup and

pork with guava glaze and orange habanero mojo sauce (which was a risk for me, on several levels) were guest worthy. You can never have too much good mojo in the kitchen!

Best material from the web: The very last part of this SO reminds me of high school. I'm beside myself with glee over this video. 

Thankful list: helium balloons (Ishmael loves them), faux hawks, discovering one of your favorite bands has an album you didn't know about (Elbow), hounds tooth patterned things, a stove that lights on its own, actually liking my job, velvet couches, a baby to hug, tax returns after marriage and a baby, and chinese candy.

Ishmael's 4th month: He appears to favor his right hand already, has discovered his toes, doesn't close his eyes all the way when he sleeps, has an inny-outy belly button that looks like a hermit crab half way out of its' shell, hates it when we have to stop at red lights, loves to hear himself cough, babbles to himself frequently (was joy-screaming, now moody mumbles), loves (?) things brushing his face (string, hair, etc.), gets peek-a-boo!, LOVES to be outside, can pay attention to books during story time, is so ticklish, is down to 2 naps a day (ugh), sometimes rests with his lips offset, and has very expressive eyebrows (sometimes he raises them right after he's latched on for feeding, as if to say, "not as bad as I expected, oh slave!").

February events: 
  • The 6th was Ishmael's 100 day birthday (celebrated in China) and the 9th was Chinese New Year, so we had a party with friends and family where we bao-ed (folded/made) jiao zi (dumplings), filled red envelopes with candy, and Ishmael dressed up as a little Chinese emperor and/or rice farmer and received a stuffed Rainacorn (from Adventure Time, thanks Youngbloods!), which I do believe is destined to be his favorite stuffed animal. 
  • My sweet friend from high school, Liam, passed away on the 11th from Marfan's Syndrome. He is missed. 
  • Valentine's Day didn't end up being as large-scale as I had planned, but Jonas bought me orchids and candy and I made him a fancy lunch. 
  • We celebrated Jonas's 23rd birthday on the 20th with home made pizza and we had a few friends over, but promptly got sick the next day, so the rest of our Valentine's/Birthday plans were postponed.
  • On the 27th, we started our journey to Nebraska for my friend Angie's wedding. It was our first time traveling outside of California as a family! We had a great time seeing (me)/meeting (Jonas)  China friends and seeing Ishmael around other babies! 

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