Thursday, February 14, 2013


As long as that lonesome river, is how far away you are
I didn't see it coming, so I cry my lonesome tears

In you waded, dressed in all your clothes
Singin', "Whole Lotta Love", just dancing to the eddies

And now you've drifted down that misty river
I'm standin' here on the bank, drowning in my own tears

Sometimes I get to thinking, 'bout all the things you'll never have
But also that you had more to give than most

It makes me think you weren't ready to go
Yet few others could leave on such short notice, as prepared

Like a jewel box, strange fruit, and sweet condensed milk
Your treasures sift through my fingers

And I'll have to let it be that way 
As part of saying goodbye

When the memory of you is strange and dusty
I'll go back to that river, and sift the sands for dusty jewels of you

2/14/13 ~ In loving memory of Liam Faegen Corcoran (6/28/89 - 2/11/13) and inspired by Jeffrey Scott Buckley (11/17/66 - 5/29/97)

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