Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ready, Set, Ready or Not

It's getting uncomfortable to bend from the waist. Yet I've never been so thrilled to imagine my stomach is getting a little chubby. Welcome to my life as a not-google-eyed-look-inducing-skinny-person. I should be getting considerably more comfortable to hug... but please, no touching. Or telling me what to do, unless I ask you. Or telling me your thought process in trying to figure out which day of the honeymoon I got pregnant (and while I stand by my previous post on birth control, it is obvious that strong feelings aren't enough to prevent pregnancy, haha). Yes we will find out if it's a boy or a girl, no we are not planning to share his/her name until birth. I'm roughly 7 weeks pregnant and I think I want more sweet stuff than usual, in the cravings department. I'm already showing a little bit! New clothes time, booya. // Jonas and I are delighted, but what a big change in plans! I'm thankful to know a ton of ladies who were young moms, but so far, no peers in the area who are pregnant. // Dear baby, your nick names so far are: Blanket/Banana-Time (Uncle Jonny), Squirrel (Aunt Gina), Teeny Boots (your parents) and Sesame/Lentil/Blueberry (depending on what size you are each week). // No rollercoasters for mama, no beuno! But so far, I have tried out a great deal of shows on Hulu while grimacing in bed and discovered that since I did not grow up with Pee Wee Herman, I find him very frightening. I've also found myself a part of a new sub-culture. La pregnant ladies.  I signed up for which sends up an email every week about how big your baby is, what's forming, etc. I was looking at the posts in the October 2012 forum and saw one called "XXX Rated for Pregnant Ladies." This should be interesting. In the post is a link for something about chicken porn, which sounds harmless, but I still don't want to click on it. Below is a little banner with the name "Lily", and the countdown to her birth. This banner also includes the words "my little pumpkin seed is growing every day." Next, there's a hug button. Like Facebooks' "like" or "poke" buttons, but for pregnant ladies. Lily's mom has been hugged one time, apparently. Let me rephrase, no, let me sum up... I've fallen into a sub-culture of crazy people. Then again, everything makes me cry; movies with kids, love stories, being hungry, bonking any part of my body on anything. I suppose I'm kind of crazy too. // And for the record, our baby is not going to sleep in bed with us, apart from an occasional nap. And I realized that since I can find no reason to force a child to eat everything on their plate all the time, Junior is off the hook until further notice (you can thank your dad and grandma, little one!). // With that, this pregnant lady is headed to the beach [photo not of me; from here]! It's gonna be a one-of-a-kind summer. <3 Baby, the rest of my life is a lovesick lullaby to you.

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