Sunday, April 10, 2011


Things I'm stoked on & thankful for:

  • Being recruited for PCPA's (the Central Coast's Broadway counterpart) 2-year technical theater program. Technical theater includes set and prop design and construction, lighting, sound technology, costume design and construction, etc.  Very exciting and a good fit for my life right now, but also nerve wracking as I anticipate 65 hour work weeks for that length of time. And just for the sake of name dropping, I would have you know that graduates from the sister acting program include such recognizable names as Kathy Bates, Robin Williams and Zac Efron. When I start the program, I may very well go all silent on the blog front for some time, but hopefully I will be able to blog about some of the experiences every now and then. Speaking of which...
  • I started a new Tumblr commemorating my growing-up years in Asia. Please have a look!
  • Getting to hang out with ladies (and some gents!) from our church small group.  My friend Michelle works across the street from me, so we have lunch once a week. She's really getting me re-excited about writing and poetry. Some of which I may post later....?
  • Collaborative art with Jonas. We're shooting for a draw&caption duo like this couple's blog, We Can, except the captioning part may turn into more of a story because Jonas's drawings tend to be hold more visual information than a caption could cover. I'll be posting those as they get going as well. 
  • "Friends of Ours" and rock bands that incorporate orchestras. 
  • This color scheme. Spring in general. 

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