Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th...

...was a wonderful day, despite that my car failed it's smog check. // Thanks to my new followers! You guys are the bomb. And also all you who simply become a dot on the map. Don't know you by name, but I sure appreciate your visits. // Hm... well, I'm sure I've made more than 2 meals since the last time I did a recipe of the week post, but I positively can't recall one of them. One week I made chicken toquitos which were not that great and this week I made a very nice chicken salad wrapped in lettuce - the first recipe I've repeated since I really started cooking. Anyway, this is just about the end of the road for recipes of the week (not my favorite feature here, I must admit) because school starts in a week and I shall have less time to cook and blog. Sad. I have loved this summer and I do not love autumn (except for Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Dread. // [7/15/12 I removed the rest of this post because I'm worried that people's personal photos will be used on Pinterest and I didn't have permission to post them!]


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  2. You are so kind, thank you for your wonderful comment. Anyhow, I hope this link works:
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    I hope you are well dear.
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