Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chain Links 072110

Here's another [possibly] periodic post beginning. I'm forever garnering links to things that inspire me, but I can't possibly post them all. For the ones that don't quite work into the grand scheme of everything else, I shall simply queue them up nicely and you can have at them. :) [image via suzywire]
  • In case you really, really like the color pink, this blog is just for you.
  • Some glowing images you're sure to adore if you're into the vintage fad (love the webpage design as well!).
  • The history of pretty much every shoe you can think of (eye candy included). 
  • If you know me or have been browsing this blog, you have probably figured out that I love the full color spectrum in order, art catalogs and collaborative art projects. Here is a project with all 3. 
  • Sometimes we "grow up too much" to keep making little debris rafts to float down streams, but we shouldn't. Next time you get a chance, make one!

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