Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She Wasn't Very Specific

I'm sure doing a fantastic job of posting more frequently now that I don't have school to attend to... -.- Look at these adorable summer shoes (via climbslipfall)! I have a pair of white canvas tennis shoes that need a make over but I can't decide how to decorate them. I don't know how many outfits work with watermelons. 

I also really like baby animals. (images via suzywire). 

This past weekend I was sick, so I made another wedding board and watched movies. Been watching Ugly Betty reruns with Annelise and Chuck reruns with Jonas. I also watched the Tiger and the Snow with Jonas which was good, but nerve wracking. The one that really took the cake though, was Children of Men. It really accentuated the beauty of life to me and made me feel emotion like few other movies have. I highly recommend it. (Also loved the re-make of the Stone's "Ruby Tuesday" on the soundtrack!

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