Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Hazards if Kiwi Fruit

Ugh, when I try and save all my thoughts to sit down and write a coherent post, it never happens. I must revert back to my old plan of posting more often even if it means less full posts. I sometimes like that better as a reader of other blogs anyway. Here is a word bank from my experiences last week (which was smashing, just as I'd predicted - thanks to God and my best friend and my family): Waller Park sunshine studying, corn nuts, the Postal Service, nacho sushi roll, Bible study talk on not judging, late night INO, spontaneously making a U-turn on the way home from work and chasing a small kitten through a field (it evaded me :( ), Ponyo, making orange creamsicle cupcakes, taking oodles of photos (now on flickr), Thai food with new friends (old friends of Jonas's) Zach & Lindsey, "happy belated 20th bday Jonas" picnic afternoon at Pismo in the fog, Blackhawk Down, excellent Element sermon on bitterness, SLO wedding expo with Mum & Annelise, and F21 super sale summer shopping spree! // What are you doing for spring break? I think I will hit the zoo (LA or SB?) and maybe go up to Moro Bay for french dip sandwiches and sea lion watching as well as jetting down to LA, possibly, to look at some more schools. I suddenly have little idea what I want to do school wise. -.- After 5 years of always being "sure" about one thing or another. But it's ok - whatever happens, it will be an adventure. :) // Ooo, better late than never - here's me recommending Shutter Island. It's hard to say anything about it without giving stuff away, so just trust me and go see it. If you're one of those people who thinks most (and I mean most) movies are "so predictable", then you're just gonna have to set that aside and let yourself be entertained. I didn't see anything coming in that movie. ^^ // Here's a novel idea... the band Free Energy released their latest on tape. Yes, as in the old school ribbon turning on two lil' wheels tape. Cool, huh? As long as you have somewhere to play it.
Ok. All of that happened about 2 weeks ago now. Case in point. This week, I went to school, went to work, discovered that I am allergic to kiwis at the family Easter lunch (a week early due to vacation plans) and watched Inglourious Basterds. Which I liked, for the record. I don't feel very much like commenting on it... Oh, also I wore two cute outfits in one day today. :j

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