Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vogue Jan 2010 & Purple Wedding

Wowie! So much going on, pretty much no time to write about it. I started back at Hardy the day after school ended, working 8 to 5 so I've been a tired girl. Today I went down to LA with the fam for church with my great grandma Peggy and then back to TO for Christmas dinner with extended family. // I bought Jan '10's (!!) Vogue and my Wired issue came too. Vogue was so worth the whopping 4 bucks for so few pages. It's an excellently styled issue. Is not Rachel McAdams about THE cutest lady you ever laid eyeballs upon? That's what I thought.

I have oodles of good things to share, just as soon as I have a bit of spare time. For now, here is my second published wedding inspiration board, as promised. I love plum purple and the drama of such a rich and moody color. I also love novelty wedding gowns. {click image to view full size}

{Images: 1. Julia 2. Igor and Andre 3. & 4. Style Me Pretty 5. the Satorialist 6. Web Dahlias 7. & 8. Style Me Pretty 9. Nordljus}
Merry Christmas to you all, if I don't squeeze another post in before then!

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