Friday, October 23, 2009


[Not including this post,] I've written 111 posts. ^^ 11 and 3 are my favorite numbers. // Headed down to Thousand Oaks for the first time in a while this weekend. My dad's birthday is on the 26th and he wants a longboard. Cool, huh? I bet no one else's dad rides a longboard. // I pretty much don't like my tutoring job either. I can't wait for a job I love. // Last night at Starbucks some people from my group were talking to a girl in another group who was trying to figure out how to tell the guy she is arranged to be married to that she'd rather not marry him. Intense. It didn't really occur to me that arranged marriages might still happen in the U.S. // Guess what?! Donald Miller just came out with a new book. Shizzam! I can't wait to get it. It's called "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" and here's a press shot of Mr. Miller, the single coolest contemporary Christian author (possibly the only? Forgive my cynicism, they are few and far between in my book). I hope Penny from Blue Like Jazz will come around one of these days and marry him.

I'm now down in T.O. after a long drive in a positively frigid car. My youngest brother Jonathan is fund raising for a school trip to D.C. and we had to make our car into a refrigerator for delivering strawberries. Brrr. // Tomorrow I may or may not bake my Dad a Black Forrest Cake for his birthday, go to my favorite thrift store & "stop by" the Norton Simon art museum. We'll see how it all pans out. // My collection of pics today happens to look very spring-y to me. Tea oragami for my tea-loving friends, Jonas, Brook & Genna, to name a few (from

Can you believe we are almost upon the year 2010? And can you believe that people consider mid-october to be near the end of the year? Christmas comes earlier every year, it seems. Oh well! I love Christmas time. Here's a calendar I saw on Mika78's blog. I never use calendars, but it's still pretty. Actually, I take that back. I save pictures from calendars that my mom uses. I think the yellow (July?) one in the bottom left corner is my favorite.

In mixed media we're exploring book alteration. I feel like I've already told you this. Oh yes, I have. But anyway, here are some more lovely ideas. By Su Blackwell and Peter Callesen, respectively.

And finally, two lovely photos from one of my favorite photography blogs, Steep Street. What bliss. I'm starting to realize that people are still kids when they get married.

I love her dress and the color of the photos and her hair and the setting of the photos and the poses. Everything, basically. Obviously.
(Yeah! Way to go me with almost a completely feel&color-coherent post! ^^)
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  1. your dad surfs? ive prolly seen em out in the water a few times, prettttyyy awesome.
    those pics are pretty awesome.

  2. pshya! I got a shout out in a Karissa-blog! :) oh my... I really think I'd enjoy a cup of tea all that much more if I knew it was steeped through origami. (subtracting the green tea part. =p)

    and eeya, you got to make the black forest cake! I "helped". ;)
    great to see you, Karissa.

    ps. I'm a fan of that first wedding shot. I think I want to be him.

  3. ohhh, im dumb, thats pretty awesome too, i used to skate around Santa maria with my friend who had a few.... so how many siblings do you have?
    hmm not sure if i know Zack or Adam, maybe.

    i went to the same church as the Otsby family, in Ag. their awesome people i used to surf with them. how do you know them?

    yeah i haven't picked it up in a few days, to much on my mind to read, but yes!! its awesome, still loving it =) have you finished it?


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