Friday, May 8, 2009

Some of my favorite frequented blogs deal largely in wedding type things, so I have lots of wedding type photos itching to be shared.  I'll try and keep wedding posts to a minimum, though.


Here are engagement photos from my boyfriend's older brother Sky and his fiance Gina. I think they are SO lovely and sweet! Their photographer was Nathan Nowack, I believe. I think this first one, especially, is incredibly adorable (I feel like I need to be penalized for using that word).

And a belated CONGRATULATIONS to John Sorrell and his new bride Katie.  John was a youth leader of mine at various points in my Jr. high & high school years and we were all so shocked (and excited!!) when he got married.  He used to say that he would never find his woman because she had been killed by the school bus in 2nd grade. Oh, John. ^^ And for all of you that know him, he did wear orange on his wedding day (he has for ever day of his life that I've known him, at least) - the lining of his tux was bright orange. Sorry this is the best picture I could find. He looks so happy. :D Way to go Katie, avoiding that school bus and finding your man.


Lingerie shower invitation by C Warren Design.

Hand-illustrated invitation via Cup of Jo blog.

"Wishes Box" from Uncommon Goods - for giving hand-written well wishes.


Candy arrangements by Amy Atlas.

Via Style Me Pretty blog.


Photo 1 by Hugh Stewart.


Succulent lapel decoration thing (I'm sure that's not what they're really called) via Style Me Pretty blog.
I really like succulents. They're so clean cut looking.

Photo by Casando Ideias.
Isn't that so exquisite? I loved the series of photos this was in first off for the huge flower in her hair, but then I saw the actual hair which is gorgeous as well.

Via Our Labor Of Love blog.  I love what punky people do for their weddings.  I also love girl sleeves like this, which is a point of disagreement between my mother and I. ;) I also love the bride's boquet, hair and little ballet flats. <3 Oh, and I just noticed, her plugs are bigger than her husband's! Hehe.

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