Friday, May 22, 2009

EDIT - Thanks to Ides for pointing out my silly mistake. For every time I said Labor day, I really meant Memorial Day. S'rry!

People keep asking me if I am doing something for Labor Day weekend. I'm not. ^^ Just chillin' at home. Me mum is going to a woman's retreat in San Francisco, so it's home with dad and siblings for me. //  I had my English final this morning - I argued a position I'm not sure I fully believe in! Hard to believe another semester is over. // My mum is making breakfast for dinner tonight! She said we never sit down for breakfast together anymore, so she's making it happen at dinner. Pancakes and sausage are on the list so far.  Good plan. // I also took a pre-[hopefully]employment test today on basic language, math, and reasoning skills. Then I took a personality test for them to evaluate too, I suppose.  It was very close to the Meyers-Briggs and get this, on every single introvert/extrovert question, I chose the introvert one. Haha! Not that I considered myself an extrovert, but I at least thought I was getting more people-friendly. I also came out as feeling as opposed to thinking for the first time ever... dunno what to make of that, exactly. // While working out at the Y, I discovered that gophers and some very small quirrel looking animals live in the ditch outside the cardio room. Cute aminals. They make working out go by faster.

Here's to butterflies and beauty ~

Uma Thurman pictures via Trendland.

Creations by royalbuffet on Etsy. I feel like I could make these things... and I would certainly use them! They're so delicate and lovely. I was telling Jonas I've been obsessed with paper since I was tiny. He said, "since you were tiny?!". Took me a while to get, and then I probably made a face at him (I'm smiling cheesily right now remembering it). Kxkx. // I painted nails with his little sisters yesterday. Mrs. Tucker said my hands looked like they'd butchered a chicken when the girls were done painting them, but it was fun. ^^

Muuuuh! (That's an excited, almost breathless, girl yelp of want) I like the *increasingly popular* hair ornament fad, but wouldn't nessicarily wear all the pretty designs I see. These, by whichgoose on Etsy on the other hand ('specially the butterflies) I totally would. Too bad they cost an arm and a leg! Oi.

Laterz. :) Happy eventful, or uneventful, Labor Day weekend.

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