Thursday, April 2, 2009

YAH! Last day of classes before Spring Break is over and done with. :) I actually like school, but I'm glad not to have to think about Econ home work for a week. Jonas is taking next week off so that should be .... nice. Nice is an understatement, but when I say nice, my face gets kinda dreamy and that's what I'm trying to convey.  I'm working on making banner type things at the bottom of the page that link to my favorite blogs and sites.  Most kids these days seem to use anything but xanga, though I'm still devoted! I like blogspot's feature of being able to list which sites you're "tracking" (thereby advertising them) though, so I had my html guru chums (thanks David and Manny!) show me how to make pretty pictures link to pretty websites. Booya!

LOVE this song - JCB by Nizpoli. It warms my heart (clever animation as well!)

I just discovered this website called Dripbook. I don't know how widely used or up-and-coming it really is (a good resource to bookmark in my brain, and maybe yours, if you're looking for a place to showcase artwork of any kind in the future), but I found one artist (Laurent Laborie) on there who's professional is still life photos - as in taking pictures of magazine food set ups. That has always fascinated me and if I had time to get into even half of the careers that I'm interested in, I'd definitely consider looking into that! Here are some of her photos that made my mouth water (despite weighing about 100 lbs. for practically my whole life and always saying I don't care much about what food I eat or when, living away from my mum's cooking for a month put me in my place!).

Quick note about what I'm reading now - learning a ton in my English 101 class, go figure. We're tackling race and gender and poverty and all those gems. Being "not fully American" a lot of it is pretty shocking to me; I'm not saying it's not my problem, just never heard of it before, as it were. This book, Nickel and Dimed, is about a journalist who tries living (and working) as a low class citizen. Hilarious and eye opening (a little close to the heart in this... dare I say this phrase... "current economy". Ugh.); I recommend.

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