Monday, March 23, 2009

This weekend - up to Fresno-area mountains for a weekend of cabin-in-the-snow fun with the Smiths! :) // Very awesome pouring-paint project coming along splendidly // Love my mum's quiche (I can't believe that's spelled correctly, but the spell checker is giving me the green light) // Awesome new issue of Wired magazine, complete with photos of a human brain being sliced up // Excellent photos from India by Parker Young // Best-days-or-our lives type of Sunday with Jonas down in the woods and swamp and watching lame movies with all the kids // Vanilla ice cream with cherry jam // Retro photos from my dad growing up (free tuxes from a shop around UCSB, or SD, depending on when this was taken which were quickly turned into mud suits - my dad is the tallest guy in the back in the first picture) -- BEFORE & AFTER

Here's a photo from my Sunday woods excursion with Jonas, Chris and siblings. This one is Jns and I on the tree swing, photo compliments of Annelise.

Food for thought. Hehe.

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