Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mm, lots of things to share on here, not so much time! I got a driver's license today. :) And [am getting] paid for 3 hours of house work at my Aunt's (kinda random, but who says no to a chance to make some cash these days?). Didn't get much Econ home work done. Ohhhwell. ^^ My youngest sister spent hours today in a fort behind a large hedge in our backyard that we call "Narnia" (the hedge, that is). Bradley made it for her out of pieces of wall that we're not using (from remodeling parts of the house). There's this song, the last track on the White Album by the Beatles, called Julia, that John Lennon wrote for his mom, Julia Lennon (there seem to be very few pictures of her available, but the one below is charming, I think). And despite how that all reads, it seems like a coherent day to me. I think I thought of the song "Julia" because the sweetness of my sister penetrated my usual obliviousness today.

While on the subject of golden oldies, a while back, I saw Audrey Hepburn's "Paris When It Sizzles." I'm under the impression that it's not very well known, and I admit that it was a bit odd, but I think it's my favorite Hepburn movie. I find that even if I genuinely like something, if there are a whole bunch of people who like the same thing without knowing WHY it is likable (that is, not appreciating any real talent or charm of Hepburn's, but just seeing her face at Target), I find myself not liking it so much anymore. I know that that in itself is clique, but alas. Found this... giddy... shot on Corbis; random, bit of a diamond in the rough of a file sharing community. The watermarks don't come off unless you buy the images and the images available seem a bit limited in subject, but they seem like relatively unknown images as well, so perhaps it's worth the trade-off?

One last gem to share tonight. I rarely come upon clothing ('specially lingerie) that I like online, but some of these are pretty pretty! (please browse responsibly)


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