Saturday, February 14, 2009

I can't remember being so happy in quite a while (not just today, but this whole time in my life). It's so refreshing to honestly say I'm happy.
My wonderful boyfriend left me tulips and dark chocolate and a note-drawing (I don't know anyone who can site-draw so well) on my porch. I was so sad to have to take a rain check on the hug that was going to come with it. I was at the post office madly trying to send in my portfolio to SCAD - I of course got down to the last day I could possibly send it in before the deadline to have it all done.

The morning started off with breakfast (omlettes -sp?!-  by my dad, doughnut holes, and orange juice) and Valentine gifts all around. Then my mom pulled up all these Gumby videos on youtube, as well as this hysterical Grover episode.

Then I went running around with my mom to iron out the bumps with the portfolio (I bought some disks at Walmart to burn my documents on, and I'm tempted to say it was a total rip off because I absolutely can not make them work. I ended up using an Office Depot disk of my Uncle's and that worked first try). And after that, antique/thrift shopping. My dad said to me one time, and I've never forgotten this - in shopping, you either get the bear, or the bear gets you.  Today, I got the bear. I found some awesome pieces to a collection I'm accumulating at the antique shop, and then at the thrift store I found this amazing dress. My sister Annelise was invited to prom last week and the theme is 20s in Paris, so we've been keeping our eyes out for the dress. So this one I found ($5.99!) is all pink lace and couldn't look much more 20s. I'll have to post pictures another time because I'd probably butcher a description.

Around the thrift store & antique shop I saw two sites worth mentioning. Oh, three. First, through the window of a laundromat, a young man touching noses with his little sister. It was a heartwarming "brain shot" (you know how you can take stills of moments in your mind, like a camera?). Then, a real live narcotics bust! Complete with man with his hands behind his back facing the squad car and open van full of plastic bags stuffed with leaves. On our way back through the antique shop (I shouldn't go in there - I want to buy everything) we met a Chinese man who turns out to be the head of UCSB's recreational sports department. I always love to use my Chinese and we ended up with an offer for tours around UCSB.  He was so excited that my mom would take Julia and I antique picking and that we would enjoy it. I'm amazed at what staffers in antique shops know. I just thought to say "it's ballistic" but I'm not sure that's quite what I mean. I also stopped by Michael's on the way home and my mom bought me this sweet little red mailbox I'd set my heart on (I'm accumulating quite a stack of paper from a certain person in my life).  Whenever I go into a craft store, I am pulled toward the bead section, and I'll tell you why in a later post.

Tonight, I'm headed off with my fam and Lily to a friend's for dinner. We are being treated to a home-made french meal - I'm so excited. Chris, my friend, (and his family) go the same church as my family does, and Chris and I are both at the community college around here. His dad is from France and is the baker for the Madonna Inn, up in SLO. Should be a blast tonight!

Well, I'm running for now, but photos of this lovely day later (and maybe some from congratulations-Kay-might-actually-make-it-to-college-day. Hehe).
Much love. XO

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