Saturday, January 31, 2009

Woah, I have a whole ton of footprints on this blog - stoked! Thank you, whoever has been stopping by.

I used to have this little... thingy... that I originally got off Imogen Heap's myspace, with which you could see which part of the world each person who came to your site was in. Alas, I can not remember what it was called and have had no luck searching for it on google thus far.

Classes started! My english class has been pretty confusing so far, so I hope that irons itself out before long. I should go finish up my homework for that in a second. I'm in a painting class with Jonas which is pretty much blissfull, but looking at they syllabus, we only do about 5 paintings the whole semester. Bummed. We are supposed to keep a sketchbook though, which I am enjoying - I don't usually do that unless I have to, you know. But now that I have to, I love it. I may scan some pieces another time.

I discovered that Lily Allen has a new album coming out - Feb. 9 is the date. Pretty much everyone else probably already knows that, but I'm excited. I know she's pretty much a mess by "normal" standards, but I like that she seems pretty happy all the time. I think this is a quintessential Lily Allen shot.

Miss Lily, I hope you find true fulfillment some day.

Tomorrow is off to my Aunt Sue's after church for a Super Bowl party. I know I should be telling you which bridge I'll jump off if so and so doesn't win, but I didn't even know who was playing until today. :j Hope they throw some good commercials in there! I'm rooting for the SCAD student who submitted a commercial for Doritos.

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