Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 trends

I feel a little silly talking about this stuff while my country is carelessly killing civilians left and right half way across the world (I don't think it's too harsh to put it in those terms), but I honestly don't know how to process every day being full of appalling news and yet living in a world where it doesn't directly affect me. I will let it rest for the moment, extremely grateful that I even have the option to drown out the horror of what's going on around me. 

I'm not sure that I'm any good at predicting or noticing trends, but it's fun to try. Here are some things I think might be associated with 2017 when we look back, in terms of the design world. 
I tried to pick fashion trends that weren't extremely obvious (like patches and pins on everything - as much as I love them!), but I started writing this list at the beginning of the year and a few of things already seem to have left "the scene", so maybe they weren't true trends after all? I also tried to pick trends (fashion and lifestyle both) that weren't already a big thing last year (or else I would have included the amazing and prolific use of tropical plants in the world of home decor).

Loose-fitting tailored pants for women seem to be in lots of street style looks and editorials, but unfortunately it's an expensive trend to emulate well. I was also noticing a lot of "robe jackets" - the one in the picture above is particularly night-robey, but in general, there seem to be trench-like jackets that are less structured than a classic trench and lighter weight. Slicked-back, wet looking hair was having a moment, and I'd like to try it out again because it's pretty easy and it looks very sleek. Ribbon-laced heels add a touch of interest in the shoe department, but I don't think I ever saw this style hit main-stream store shelves. Then again, I mostly shop second hand, so maybe I just missed them? Those early 2000s chunky-heeled wide-strap slip on heels are back, but I hate them, so I'm not going to include them on this list. I'm obsessed with all things holographic and it's a trend that is in stores like H&M so I can easily access it and incorporate some pieces without spending big bucks on something that will be out of style by next year. I pretty much wear what I want when I want anyway, but I appreciate the playfulness of iridescence. Finally, feather trim has exploded in the past few months. It's so diva-like, I love it. And I happened to find some vintage pieces at an estate sale recently that very much resemble some pieces from high fashion runways right now, so I was pretty excited about that!

Here are some non-fashion related things that are creating a buzz at the moment.

Oman and Canada have been mentioned a lot as travel destinations of late. Canada has been in the spotlight because of the burning-pile-of-poo that is American politics right now, but I think that recognition (and their hip Prime Minister!) has boosted interest in non-political tourism as well. Oman isn't mentioned a lot, actually, but trying to find obscure travel destinations definitely holds some status in the realm of people who like to travel, and Oman seems like a hidden gem. It's definitely on my list! // Ikebana floral arrangements are showing up more and more, and I am thrilled. It's a Japanese tradition, characterized by spidery and sparse shapes. It's a fantastic way to draw attention to a few particularly beautiful blooms, and it's also easy (at least in theory) for those of us who only have a handful of flowers to work with in the first place (as opposed to the buckets full that florists are working with). // The world of food definitely has trends, but they're hard for me to spot sometimes since I don't eat out a ton and there aren't a lot of progressive eateries in our area. However, I have noticed that vinegar seems to be popping up in many (and some unusual) places in cooking, and apple cider vinegar in particular is a big trend in the health-food world (dare I say, the new coconut oil?). Shishito peppers finalllly became available at some local groceries in our area, though I've been seeing them praised for a year or two now. When I looked up a recipe for how to cook them, Bon Appetit magazine actually said they were one of the 2016 trends they wouldn't miss, haha! But Jonas and I are obsessed with them, so I thought it was worth a share. You basically just blister them in a cast iron and salt them! We add a dash of sesame oil, soy sauce, and sesame seeds. // I didn't put this in my collage, but doesn't it seem like all of a sudden, all electronics work with voice command? It's still something I find super dorky and it's hard for me to imagine it being something that sticks around as the new normal, but who knows?!

Have you noticed anything that's a craze recently? Things you like? Things you can't wait to see disappear (revival of the the worst parts of 90s fashion, anyone?!)? 

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