Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wedding Inspiration: A Midnight Howl

Once upon a time, I came across a wedding inspiration post for a midnight seance ritual in a graveyard type thing. It was spooky and creepy and not celebratory at all, but that's kind of the fun of doing inspiration posts: you get to make up this scene that you'd never end up using for an actual wedding, but is still interesting and creative (I in no way endorse Satanic rituals, just FYI). For the life of me, I can not figure out where I saw it though, and searching all the key words has gotten me nowhere.

I know this mystery inspiration I saw had some rad details that I've forgotten and are probably more cohesive than mine, but in case you want to do a fancy Halloween party and steal the show as Persephone or something, here's what I've got for ya...
  • A fitting venue
  • The altar should be a ring of candles, like this, but more candles closer together and maybe directly on the ground instead of in candlesticks.
  • I'm envisioning a giant and wild bouquet of dead (dried) flowers. Wouldn't that be amazing?! I imagine that it would be difficult to give a bouquet like that the illusion of movement since dried flowers are so stiff, but a creative florist could manage it, I'm sure. Two photos that are going in the right direction is this one of a smokebush (if it were dried) and this one
  • For dinner, a squid ink pasta dish is a must. And dripping piles of halved blood oranges! 
  • The soundtrack to this event must include lots of CocoRosie. (major heebiejeebies!) 

Wild hair, furs (so deadly, in this context!), men dressed like pallbearers (Gucciiiiii, hearts for eyes), antique Victorian photographs...

A few more detail photos that didn't quite fit... skull vases (succulents absolutely not allowed), snake candle holders (they just look like poo with the photos this small, sorry), black veils with headchains, snake imagery on plates and paper suites, antique calling cards as place cards ("who the devil are you"), Victorian celestial lockets. I only just thought of this, but mourning jewelry with real hair would be perfect.  

Would you ever do a themed wedding? And if you decorate for Halloween (I don't...) what are some of your favorite creative decor ideas? I loved this from the most recent Martha Stewart magazine. Spray paint all the things gold!!!

Image credits: spiderweb dress, lady in feathers (YSL 1990), black slip dress, menswear, ladies with long hair, skulls and snakes from West Elm, lotus emblem, Romani church, moon locket... I'm getting lazy. If you see one that you need the source for, lemme know, and please don't sue me. 

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