Thursday, July 28, 2016

Instagrammies 7/28

More of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, without further ado:

@introvertdoodles The name says it all. If you are an introvert, you will find your people on this account. I always went to bed before the other girls at sleepovers and asked to sleep in a different room.

@psychedeliccoven I'm very into psychedelic art for the foreseeable eternity. My one complaint
with this account is that they don't cite their sources/artists, which is kind of a massive downside, but I still begrudgingly love basically every photo.

I wish I was one of the @70sbabes. That is all.

Husband and wife painting duo (met via IG!) @kit_king and @oda.paints (also at @oda_and_king) amaze me. I follow all three accounts, but this one from Corey Oda really grabbed me.

Stacey Bendet is the lady behind the fashion label Alice + Olivia @aliceandolivia. I don't know a ton about the label, but her personal style is crazy good. Bonus: she does insane yoga.

@elizabethpawle has me won over to this whole yarn textile craze that I'm otherwise hesitant about (can we stop knitting white tassel triangles and using a stick to hang it on the wall now?). Her work reminds me of adult coloring books (also getting annoying) but with more commitment.

@antolpo is an account of beautifully made COOKIES. Yes, this is a cookie. I would never eat it, I would just stick it under a glass dome and stare at it. I'm especially fond of all the Japanese themes going on in this feed.

So much going on at @tunabake and I love it ALL. She's an illustrator with great personal style as well as a myriad of fantastic creative projects she's working on. What you'll see most of is her illustration-a-day, each of a women from history (mini history lesson included) - this one is of Dorothy Hodgkin. I can't wait to see the one she does on my birthday! I think I'm on the verge of worshiping this woman...

@chubbychinesegirleats is a handle to rival the best of them (in China, being chubby is traditionally a good thing) , and she happens to be a very impressive hashtagger too. Best of all, she posts the most amazing pictures of food of the variety I want to eat (creative, often asian). I follow a lot of food accounts, and this one always stops me in my tracks. This picture was captioned: "Chubby Mama's shanghainese fried dough stuffed "meatball" #homecooking Steamed with soy sauce. A burst of juicy umami."

And finally, what's an instagram roundup without some hippie shibori with a compound brand name? ;) I want all the things from @serpentandbow. I also learned from their account that you can use loquat leaves to dye stuff pink! I'll probably never utilize that info, but I'm still pretty stoked about it. 

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