Saturday, April 2, 2016

Style Icon: It's All Gucci!

Well kids, this is my 401st blog post. Thanks for sticking with me. This space is such a fun outlet for me and it has pushed me to be bolder, louder, honest-er. And that in turn has started so many conversations behind the scenes that have genuinely changed my life. This girl right here used to be as introverted as they come, and maybe I still am, but I never thought I'd have more true friends than I could keep up with. What a lovely problem to have. So once again, thank you all for being a part of this blog and the conversations that spring from it. Stick around for 400 more! 

I can't get enough of the 1970s revival going on in high fashion right now. Colorful, flowly, sexy, girly, edgy, and flattering to mom bodies. What could be better? My entire wardrobe is basically genuine 1970s, but a lot of the design houses have tweaked the color pallet just a bit this season and added some tropical elements. I'm loving that too.

Gucci is not a fashion house that I've thought of as "my style" before. Gucci bags are the pits. But as I looked through photos of the past several shows, my blood pressure starts to rise from the all-encompassing awe of how deeply exciting I find it.

I'm just going to throw a bunch of gorgeous pictures at you now, and hope you're catching all these glory rays. [some sheer tops going on, fair warning]

If this were all one big dreamy catwalk, pretend we were sipping girly cocktails in the front row and listening to this:

What's your favorite piece? The green wedge sandals, the mega eye brooch, the gold gloves, and the moto jacket.... I start picking my favorites and then I've picked every single piece. HEARTS FOR EYES.

Elements to look for when jamming your drawers with the fabulous 70s: plastic shades with big, colorful, and round lenses, strappy platform heels, embroidery, fringe, lame, 2010s do 1970s do 1900s (Victorian revival, rows of buttons/pompoms), boho, turbans, pastels, huge bow blouses, straight hair with bangs, nude lips, over the top sequins, pattern mixing, pant suits, velvet and big beads. In short: all my favorite things.

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