Thursday, December 17, 2015

Instagrammies 12/15

I'm stunned that it was FEBRUARY last time I did an IG account roundup! Since opening my IG shop @retroriot/@retroriotreads in January, I guess I've spent most of my time on there, missing out on my "pretty" feed. But I still follow lots of amazing accounts as I come upon them! Here are some recent-ish favorites. You can find previous roundups under the tag "Best In Show" in the sidebar to the right.

1. ShopGossamer. I found this account as I dove into the world of vintage on IG, but I think the eye candy here will appeal to many. Had I known about this shop 5 years ago, I probably would have bought my wedding dress here.

2. OurOpenRoad chronicles the travels of a family with two little girls, who live in their van and trek all around South America. A different life style for sure, but pretty neat!

3. I follow a lot of florists, and VictoryBlooms' dreamy close ups are some of my favorites.

4. Anna.Rastorgueva does fun copic marker drawings in her art journal. Jonas uses copic markers, so I enjoy seeing all the ways that other artists utilize them.

5. I can't get TylerThrasherArt out of my head. It's so incredible, and I'm determined to acquire one of his creations someday. He grows crystals on skulls and creatures, and the result is mesmerizing.

6. Dream house alert under #thisantiguahouse (@luna_zorro)! Her whole feed is a tropical paradise wonderland. Seriously, I'm dying over her house in every way.

7. Katherine_Sabbath's personal style is on point, and her confections literally make me tear up a little bit. And I know how to use the word "literally".

8. I like some of OanaBefort's pieces more than others, but her floral alphabet is gorgeous.

9. WrightKitchen is an account where I can't possibly choose one favorite photo. I gawk over every single one. What is it about rainbow produce that is so alluring?

10. Desserted_in_Paris. I love a clever name, a good theme, and a better-than-usual take on the "places my feet go" trend. Also, NOM NOM NOM. Here was my runner up photo.

What Instagram feeds have blown you away recently? 

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