Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall 2015

I don't hate fall AS MUCH this year! Miracles really do happen. I think we've finally reached a tipping point with pumpkin spice, seeing that there is now pumpkin spice cat litter and people are making fun of all the pumpkin spice things. That usually signals that the craze is on the decline, and that alone is making me almost stoked on fall this year. 

I don't inherently dislike the taste of pumpkin spice, although I do hate walking in to a store that smells like cheap pumpkin spice candles. I would like to point out, however, that pumpkin spice lattes bring in $80 MILLION A YEAR for Starbucks (so says Wikipedia), so I'm allowed to be righteously indignant about how excessive this has become. (I might forgive you if you wear a dress like this while drinking, but MINUS ALL THE POINTS if you dress like this). 

PSL (my stars, it even has an acronym, #toofar!!!) aside, here is how I'm choosing to craft my fall season this year, such that it is not loathsome:
  • Molasses cookies. They are my favorite. 
  • Cuddling. Because, so long pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones. I'm a new woman! 
  • Other people not complaining about the hot weather of summer anymore. 
  • Vintage clothing bonanza! This is the best time of year to hunt for vintage because many shops will put it on their Halloween racks because they're dweebs. 
I think that's everything that I'm excited about. Don't push me... 

Should I ever be called upon to decorate or actually celebrate fall, I'm armed with a Pinterest board of not-garish decorating ideas and children's costumes that I will never get around to making. You're welcome for all the tasteful and non-cliche ideas. {image above by the infallible Justina Blakeney}

As I was just looking at the photos I've included in this post so far, I was trying to figure out why I'm not repulsed by the color pallet, which is one of the yuckiest parts of fall to me. And it hit me - the 1970s! - I've fallen hard in love this year, and seeing so much 70s goodness year around in fall colors must be helping me adjust. 

Here are some color pallets that are less traditionally Fall-ish. I'm all about reinventing the look of Fall decor. I'm telling you, the secret is to include moody, misty blues. Or deep greens or black - NOT stark orange and black contrasts because, boring and I repeat: garish. {images from here, here, and here}

We keep being told that MUCHO El Nino (or whatever they're calling a mega El Nino) is supposed to hit this year. It has yet to come to pass, but all of us Californians are ready to brave some torrential rains if it means we can be done with the drought. It never got cold last winter, so it's kind of like we haven't had fall for 2 years. I'm liking it.... I can handle one or two months of cozy every other year. #californiaforever. What this also means is that I've been wearing sandals for two years straight (I'm serious - I wore sandals or flats all "winter" last year). But it might be time to prepare for some boots. 

Girls go crazy for boots, you probably know this by now. But I'm a special kind of difficult when it comes to the ol' boot hunt. I want my boots cheap (so I can rationalize getting new ones every season), versatile (so I only have to buy one pair), and unique - because hello - I don't have your average wardrobe. I googled 2015 boot trends, and I'll be darned if the internet doesn't know how to play to my weaknesses. 

This specimen on the left is the first picture I saw and my eyes melted into hearts. Unfortunately, they're not strictly boots, so let's move on to exhibit B. These are definitely eye catching and I'm on the fence about whether I like that color, but it's definitely the right idea. They fail in the versatility department though. Exhibit C is the most practical, but I'm looking for a flat boot and something higher. Lemme know if you see any good ones! {images from here}

And last but not least this year, here are some delicious sounding and looking fall-inspired dishes to make. I've actually eaten this one-pot autumn risotto meal, and I was impressed. Some other recipes calling my name (all with lovely photos, you're welcome): Caramelized shallots, Caramel apple cider with homemade Fireball whipped cream (come to mama!), Cheesecake bars with pecan shortbread and salted whiskey caramel (this is all my dad's favorite things in one), Candy and caramel apple pie, Cheddar and apple handpies, Cranberry orange chocolate pavlovas (All of these food things begin with a C! this is the kind of thing that I derive infinite pleasure from).

I hope you're not too disappointed that this was an upbeat-fall year. ;) You can browse the tag "The Fall Post" to the right of this page if you want to see other color schemes I've promoted in past years or the post from 2 years ago when I was especially creative with my disdain for the season.

Ciao! Don't drink very many PSLs unless you're thing is giving in to the Man. 

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