Thursday, August 6, 2015

July 2015

I wish it was summertime all the time. I never tire of it.

I think I watched some movies, but apparently they weren't amazing enough to stick in my memory. I've been plugging through Mad Men, and started watching The Astronauts Wive's Club too. I kept playing this cover in July, it fascinates me.

We spent the 4th of July with the Cragoe and Studley families (childhood friends) in Thousand Oaks, swimming and watching fireworks and eating zucchini pancakes. We also took a weekend trip to LA to see Actice Child in concert and visit our siblings. The music was incredible, though the crowd was obnoxious. The band Low Roar opened for them and they were spectacular live, but I can barely stand to listen to their recordings - strange. As ever, we had a hilarious time playing games late into the night with our brothers and sisters. Some of my favorite times! {image}

My favorite recipe from July was this pasta salad, and Jonas and I ate at Industrial Eats in Beullton for the first time. We will definitely be going back!

Ishmael has lots of funny phrases that he uses totally seriously, such as, "um yeah, sure", "hey, dude!", "hi you!", and "what YOU doing?" He wants cinnamon sugar on EVERYTHING, including his ham and cheese sandwiches, which are his favorite breakfast. We've been reading a lot together, but his favorite books remain the First Discovery series. He continues having a hard time controlling his emotions, especially when it comes to Ira, but I'm encouraged to hear a lot of people say that's very normal for a 2-year-old. He does encourage Ira into laughing feedback-loops though, which is pretty adorable.

Ira loves to strum on the ukulele, stand up and rock on rocking chairs (oy vey!), brush my teeth, and pretend to talk on the phone. He seemed like a baby at 10 months, and at 12 months now, he seems like a toddler. How does that happen?! He says, "gentle","ball", "hi", and "uh-oh". He climbs on everything and puts everything in his mouth, neither of which Ishmael did, though I know it's age appropriate. He can climb the stairs by himself (often going up by throwing both arms up in the air and slamming them down on the next step) and will take every imaginable opportunity to get his hands in the toilet. He seems to like all the foods that Ishmael doesn't like (raisins, blueberries) and not like the foods that Ishmael loves (avocado, eggs). Both of them eat very little, which stresses me out. Ira's favorite books are the Touch and Feel Baby Animal series, though he thinks all the animals make the same grunting noise (except horses and monkeys, he has those sounds down).

Things that caught my interest this month:
  • Ah, adulthood friendships. Still trying to master this, and some of these types made me think hard about how I related to people.
  • Detroit is calling my name ever louder. Check out these amazingly edited photos

  • This case for saddness (or maybe just a good hard look at rarity of happiness). Here's an excerpt: 
"Here in my writing, I am tempted to clarify something. I’m tempted to add, “But I’m a pretty happy person overall.” Why am I tempted to write this? Why do I feel I must be clear, publicly, that I am generally happy? I think this impulse comes from a sense that happiness is success and that to fail to be happy is to fail to be successful. And in our American cultural narrative, this failure is usually your own fault. Maybe you’re not trying hard enough. Maybe you’re pursuing the “wrong” ends. Maybe you’re just lazy. (Or maybe you’re poor because you’re lazy, right?) Maybe you’ve got a chemical imbalance that needs to be fixed. Anything for the goal, which is the finale of the American credo. We could say it together—life, liberty, and, well, you know the rest…"
I also loved the history lesson on the word happiness (linked to "happenstance", suggesting it's rare and fleeting). 
  • Classes for dads to learn to braid their daughter's hair. 
Things that made me laugh this month:
  • Every time you go to this website, you're redirected to a different useless website. Mesmerizing. 

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