Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wedding Boards Summer 2015

Being the responsible adult that I am, I was just backing up my computer and rediscovered these wedding-theme inspiration boards I made a while ago. Being that it's wedding season, I thought I'd share them and encourage everyone not to have boring weddings. 

Most of the photo credits are things I have somewhere on Pinterest, so I'll try and find them for you if you really need to know. This is just a disclaimer saying that I'm not trying to steal anyone's property here, since it's been too long since I put these together to remember all the links. 

Here's one I made for Annelise when I was trying to help her find some images that matched what she wanted for her wedding. Not bad, in hindsight! We looked for pale grey-blue dresses for bridesmaids, but it was a very hard color to find. 

Bees and hexagons were having a moment a while ago, so I put this slightly more avante-garde theme together. Imagine if guests were in a huge garden (maybe all yellow flowers?) or under some structure made from bee boxes, and were challenged to glamorize hats with bee nets?! I would be so into that. {I do remember that the honey-face and dress images are from an Alexander McQueen collection}

I've always had a thing for blue and white China, though I personally collect Asian motifs rather than European. This image of Kirsten Dunst is from the Marie Antoinette issue of Vogue (2006?) which was STUNNING. 

I call this theme "fog lake". I'm quite taken with just about every aspect of this, although overall, it's much too muted and dreary for my personal taste. I can see this theme being very popular for current brides, though. 

Now THIS is the kind of party I want to be at. Madame Butterfly meets Mexican beaches. I believe the lower left photo is from a Dolce & Gabana show (?). 

Which is your favorite? Which wedding would you most want to be a guest at? 

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