Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Trend Report

I quit doing "Fresh vs. Over" a while ago because I thought it was kind of snotty of me, but the one I did on cage veils vs. flower crowns is my most viewed post of all time, le sigh. Being wildly popular and right all the time is not for the faint of heart. Dear people of the interwebs, thank you for appreciating my superior sense of style and my nearly spotless prediction record.

Diving right in, I will first tackle things that are still going strong, but should be on their way out any day.
[collage images by me, product details here]

1. Salted Caramel everything. Don't shoot the messenger! I actually like salted caramel fine as a flavor, but it's such a default for "exotic" or "exciting" now. Just about every menu has some salted caramel dessert, not to mention every coffee house and ice cream shop/brand. It's like butternut squash - not inherently bad, but please, let's stop considering this a creative option.

2. Wedge sneakers. Once again, the wedge is my friend - a perfect blend of fancy height and comfort. But wedge sneakers do seem a little impractical (or just two things that should never go together?) and I think they are not long for this world in terms of mass popularity.

3. Macaroons. In fairness, I have never had one of the pretty macaroons (or been to Paris), so maybe they are delicious enough to stay "in" for a while longer, but I feel like they're kind of a status thing (at well over a dollar each sometimes) that people who fancy themselves elite busily fawn over with their instagrams. And here's my snark coming out: but being obsessed with all things Parisian is pretty much the biggest cop-out of all for those who want to appear cultured or well-traveled. Then again, I can't complain that the cupcake is finally loosing its footing.

On to some up-and-coming trends that I'm a fan of!

4. Tin Types. Tin Types are an old kind of photograph (follow the link for the details) that I would love to learn how to make and have portraits of our family done in. The antique frames are incredibly beautiful as well. Several celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival had their portraits done in the tintype style this year, and workshops are popping up for those who want to learn the process (pick me!). I'd love to even have an antique one, but they are pricey.

5. Cactus Leaves. FINALLY, there are rumors that cactus might be the new kale. I can not freaking wait. I've never had cactus before, but I see it all the time in farmer's markets and groceries in our area, and I would give anything not to have to eat kale or hear about it, ever again. Cactus is generally sold with the spines removed already, and kale is basically the hardest thing to cook of all time, so there's really no contest here.

6. Overalls. Don't turn your nose up, they can be cute! Get the 90s out of your mind right now. You know I'll be instagramming my take on them if and when I get my paws on a pair.

7. Snake Jewelry. I wish this weren't picking up speed, because I want it to be just MY thing! As with tintypes, the popularity of snake jewelry hearkens back to the Victorian age. I really wanted to get Jonas a wedding ring that was two snakes entwined (they have some really cool symbolism attached to them) but ended up not, because many people also associate them with negative things.

8. Baskets. In the world of interior design, large baskets in the home - of all shapes, and styles - are gaining popularity. For me, this breaks down when I can't keep whatever is in the basket looking nice, but Ishmael's toys do look better in the decorative cloth round "bin" I got for our living room as opposed to all over the floor.

9. Cross-shoulder wedding dresses (image). I think this is a detail you'll begin to see at more weddings. I think it's interesting, but I've definitely seen it look bad on some people. The fit has to be perfect, or else it bubbles up on the chest.

10. Textile art wall hangings (see more examples). Not a fan. They look more like rugs torn up by cats than home decor. I appreciate that some of these would be difficult to make, but I do not understand the appeal. Even the professional ones scream "DIY" to me, and that's not always the best look for your home.

11. The untied bow tie (image). Have we officially run out of interesting ways to accessorize? I don't think this fad is going to hit mainstream where I live before it's over, but someone needs to tell celebrities that it really just looks like you forgot to tie your tie, and that's all....

Have you noticed any of these trends? Love 'em? Hate 'em? What have you been seeing a lot of that I missed? 

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