Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Style Icon: Ulyana Sergeenko

Being that it's Fashion Week in New York right now, I think it's high time for another style post!

If you've kept an eye on fashion over the last 3 years, you've noticed Russian designer Ulyana Surgeenko's (aka The Red Queen) star rising and love her personal style and her designs as much as everyone else does. As a little girl, I sometimes wished that I lived in an era where I could wear ballgowns every day, and while she doesn't wear ball gowns every day, Ulyana's style makes dramatic feminine clothing seem completely doable for everyday wear.

I especially love her habit of wearing external corsets. She makes a floor length skirt seem effortless, and she never forgets to accessorize with a knock-out winter coat (I would probably kill something to get my hands on the red coat seen below) or headpiece. Her enormous doe eyes aren't a bad asset either, and lend themselves to her almost ballerina-like poses that she is constantly striking for photographers. 

Furthermore, she's a married mother of two representing a part of the world that doesn't get too much fashion attention. Props to her for making Russian style look so darn enviable and incorporating some traditional aspects of Russian fashion into her looks as well. She is the epitome of lady-like. She makes Victorian look modern, and she's working on bringing back those pointy 50s bras, which I hope to be brave enough to wear myself, someday.

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